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"The Story of Rudolph"



Almost as popular as Santa himself is his lead reindeer with a glowing red nose, Rudolph.

Unlike Santa’s history, the story of Rudolph can be traced back to a specific author: Robert L. May. May was a copywriter for a department store in 1939. The company had been giving away colouring books at Christmas time for many years. May’s employer thought the company could save some money and asked May to come up with a story. May thought up the idea of a misfit reindeer that saves the day for Santa on a foggy Christmas Eve. The story proved to be a great financial success but unfortunately May did not own the rights. His employer did.

With generosity not often seen in the corporate world, in 1947 the company’s president turned the rights over to May, who was in debt because of his wife’s terminal illness. With a hit song written in 1949 by May’s brother in law, Johnny Marks, and a TV special in 1964, Mays financial security was assured and Rudolph earned a permanent spot in Christmas pop culture.

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