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Head lice have proven to be an ongoing problem within the homes of families with school-aged children. As we have entered into the fall season head lice has infested the homes of many families with young children. During the first few weeks of the back-to-school season, head lice are in their prime. Although head lice do not pose a health threat, they can be irritating and difficult to extinguish. Doctors are urging parents to check their children for head lice if they know of someone around them that has been affected.

What is Head Lice?

Lice are small insects, which may live on the head and hairy parts of the body. The type of louse, Which affects the head, is particularly common and anyone can catch them, although they favour clean, mid-length hair. The eggs or nits are glued to the hair and only become easily visible when they have hatched. Lice spread by direct head-to-head contact with an infected person. They cannot jump, swim or fly.

How common is Head Lice?

Outbreaks of head lice have nothing to do with a family’s social status, or level of personal hygiene. Head lice is a very common condition, especially among children ages 3-10. As many as 6 million to 12 million people worldwide get head lice each year.

The Signs and symptoms of Head lice are as follows:

  • Child displays a very itchy head especially around the back of the head or ears
  • Small white eggs will be attached to the hair near the hair shaft or Nits are attached firmly to hair shafts and do not move easily.

We believe prevention is the best cure!

You should always encourage girls with long hair to keep their hair tied back in a pony tail, pigtails. plaits or a bun. This will help eliminate the lice being transferred from one child to another.

Exclusion from Cocoon is unnecessary. However parents are asked to ensure that their child’s hair is treated appropriately.

Lice aren't so nice; but there are things parents can do to help.

Wash all your child's bedding, hats, clothing and stuffed animals in hot water. Combs, brushes and hair accessories need to be soaked in hot water, washed with medicated shampoo. Some times It's important for children to understand that they haven't done anything wrong and that having lice doesn't make them dirty.

Be patient and follow the treatments and prevention tips as directed by your doctor, and you'll be well on your way to keeping your family lice-free.


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