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February is Bird Feeding Month

Bird feeding month aims to raise awareness of the needs of our little feathered friends and keep them going until the spring weather kicks in. During the cold winter months, wild birds have greater difficulty finding food to sustain them. Small, backyard birds don’t have body fat stores to keep them going through the winter and so need regular feeding. 

Support your Childs development

  • Your child can participate in selecting the bird feeder and the bird feed and placing the feeder in your garden
  • Children can learn responsibility by keeping the bird feeder full regularly
  • Develop your child’s compassion for nature’s creatures by helping her/him learn about the birds in your garden

Homemade Bird Feeders

This is the perfect way to use up your egg cartons or recyclable household waste and also makes a great craft for children.  All you need is your chosen recyclable waste product such as an egg carton and a few ingredients that birds will love.  You can simply fill the cups with bird seed or something a bit heartier.  Preschool aged children enjoy building things on their own.  It allows them to express creativity as well as work on their fine motor skills. Making a bird feeder allows them to exert their independence and do it themselves, while showing their own individual style.  Fill the feeder with leftover bread, nuts or cereals and hang on a tree or place in the garden.

Family Fun Activities

  • Talk about Birds-As a family, make up stories about the birds at your feeder. Consider their personalities and the ways they interact with one another in the garden and at your feeders!
  • Take Photos of Birds-Using your own photography; help your child create a scrapbook titled “My Birds,” about the birds in your backyard
  • Create puzzles and play board games
  • Bird Counting – Count and record the number and species of birds you see at your feeder. How does this change from season to season?
  • Learn what seeds attract colourful birds and shop for seeds together
  • Visit you local wild bird supply store as a family. Together select the feed and accessories you desire to attract desirable birds to your garden